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Content Creation for


Customer Connections



Staying in front of your customers and potential customers can be hard.  We can help create the consistency that they can rely on to get to know why they want to do business with you.



It only takes a few conversations for us to collect enough information to produce three months of content, and fine-tune it.​  We know you are busy, and your schedule is important to us.  We can meet via phone or video call.



You know what is best for you and your customers.  We will create three months of content for your favorite platform.  We will custom design a schedule of the best times to post the content, and schedule it for you.



We will use your logo, colors, graphics, font, and business persona to make sure there is no noticeable difference between the content you create and what we create for you.

Shopping Bags

Three conversations turned into three months of content for only 



You and your customers will be happy with your new consistent posting schedule on your favorite social medial platform.

If this could help you & your business, take our survey to see if we are good fit



We will walk you through how to give us access to post to your business accounts.  We never exchange passwords.  You grant a certain level of access that only allows us to post for you.  You always stay in control of your accounts.

What is 3 months of content?

12 weeks of content for one platform of your choice
We will schedule it out for you!  You just be there to interact with your customers.

Exactly how many posts depend on your chosen platform. 

Choose one:

  • Facebook - 3 posts per week

  • Instagram - 3 posts per week

  • Email Marketing - 1 email per week 

  • Blog - 1 blog post per week

  • Google My Business - 1 post per week

  • Newsletter - 1 per month

  • Other - let's talk!

What you need to do:

  • Take the survey

  • Attend up to three calls to discuss your business, services or products, and things we will need to create your content

  • Provide your business persona if you have one

  • Give us your branding details, if you have them (if not, we will use what you have already started)

  • Provide pictures if necessary

  • Give us limited access to your platform so that we can schedule posts for you (we can walk you through this if you need help)

  • Review and approve the content calendar we create before we schedule out the posts

  • Once the content is posted or sent, you take it from there.  You interact with your customers.  You can share the posts to other pages & groups.  (we offer this as a service for an additional price - ask for details if interested)

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Get started

This quiz is to help us determine if we can help you and your business by creating 3 months of content for only $1995.  We keep all of this information private!  
This is not a bot, Jessica will be looking over your answers personally to see if we may be a good fit.  Then we will contact you shortly.


T: 608-542-0880

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